art saves the sea
reconciliation with nature

The contemporary art gallery ursulastross proudly presents an art project that will take place near Ibiza City on an area of 50.000 sq. meter. A perfectly appropriate spot for hosting an open air gallery with monumental sculptures of well-known artists for sale. Various international artists and art collectives, working in the field of contemporary art will be showcased to present their kinetic, sculptures with the idea of raising awareness of saving the sea and environment. All the art pieces together will become a beautiful enormous installation in the sculpture park . Invited artists are asked to reflect on the indicated problem and mirror it in their artworks.The openair gallery with monumental sculptures will become a must visit for every art collector art lover and visitor of the beautiful Island of Ibiza.

The cultural effect on the Island would multiply the fantastic Islands attraction to tourists and will help to save the unique bio diversitiy of the hotspot . Project will start in April and May 2023 with artist in residence workshops symposia considering the topic of plastic pollution with the goal on obtaining the biodiversity. First art exhibitions of the sculptures in the openair gallery start at the beginning of June 2023 and at the end of August. The sculpture park will arouse international interest and contribute to the preservation of the environment, sustainability and will become a movement and will carry the spirit of eco conscious life.

The main aim of the sculpture park is to point out the problem of plastic usage all over the Mediterranean Sea, especially the Balearic Islands. The World Economic Forum has shown the huge amount (32% of 78 millions tons) of plastic packaging produced every year that ends up in ocean. In particular, this amount corresponds to one truck of plastic thrown into the sea every minute. Spain as well as another 193 countries signed the United Nations declaration against plastic. The goal of the project is to support and spread medially the decision of the local government to decrease and even forbid the usage of plastic wares on islands by 2023.

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Art Saves The Sea is an art project forcing the cultural value and the biodiversity of Ibiza Island . During series of artexpos fashion shows , DJ,s and live bands will create a spiritual, vibrant atmosphere . Additionally the potential of performance, installation, live music and audience interaction in the openair gallery will generate creativity for synergies and spread the spirit of the movement worldwide.

themes of the project 

- art sculpture 

- biodiversity 

- charity 

- auction 

- artexpos, performance 

- symposia 

- artist in residence 

- workshops 

- ecomarket 

The open air gallery ursulastross on Ibiza will become a platform for international collaboration in the field of art and create a synergy between art and ecology for the benefit of saving the sea in cooperation with with impact based environmental organizations like ,, plastic free ibiza and the Pacha Foundation. Part of the open air gallery profit will go to the indicated NGOs.

exhibiting at the openair gallery includes the following services

–exhibition space for galleries and artists

–showcase of weatherproof monumental contemporary sculptures

–international gallery conditions

–assisting with customs formalities, international shipping and local transport

–accommodation and flight tickets during artist in residence assistance in installation and deinstallation of works

worksTo take part in the selection, please send your portfolio with a CV, links of videos/performances via e-mail to art@galerie-stross.atTwo times a year in May and September Art Saves the Sea will take place with new curated artworks. The idea is to start a movement of spreading the information on the subject matter internationally as well as influence local communities of Ibiza and the Balearic islands to live in a plastic-free environment.

More information about participation on:

Our partner in Spain, Mercedes Roldan is also here for any questions:

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                                                       Join us to help raise awareness against plastic pollution!